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March 30, 2021  //       //  Opinion

7 UK marketing podcasts you should subscribe to in 2021

By Andrew Rogers

A year into the pandemic, we’re all starting to run low on new content to fill our spare time. So why not use your free evenings to tune into some excellent marketing and communications podcasts? Sometimes the best way to improve our expertise as comms professionals is to listen to our peers and learn from their challenges and successes.

Make the most of your morning walk or lunchtime break by learning something new with these easy-to-digest podcasts. Here are the top seven from the UK you should subscribe to in 2021.

The PR Hub Podcast

Join hosts Adam Tuckwell and Jon Wilcox as they discuss the world of communications with leading guests from across the UK. Each episode takes a more relaxed yet always insightful look at the industry, featuring special guests from top agencies and brands.

Listen on Google Podcasts.

PR Squared

Join Aceil and Ellis, two London PR pros, as they discuss everything from the job to the exciting lives of PR professionals and navigating the future of their careers.

Listen on Spotify.

Two Geeks and a Marketing Podcast

Roger Edwards and Pascal Fintoni, two self-confessed marketing geeks, are here to keep you up to date with the latest news, tech, content and wisdom from the world of marketing. Each week you can find out what’s making headlines as well as diving back into the history of our profession.

Listen on Google Podcasts.

Marketing Week

The best way to get the latest insights from Marketing Week’s award-winning editorial team as they discuss key topics and are joined by some of the most interesting guests across the industry. This is one you don’t want to miss.

Listen on Google Podcasts.

Marketing Over Coffee

Get your weekly fix of marketing news and analysis from marketing experts John Wall and Christopher Penn. It’s the ideal podcast for learning something new while drinking your morning hot drink of choice.

Listen on Google Podcasts.

Whin Big

Here’s one for small business owners looking to do their own marketing. From effective social media strategies to building your email list, Katie Goudie delivers everything you need to know through a series of interviews with business owners and social media managers from across Scotland.

Listen on Google Podcasts.

The Stream UK

Get all the latest news and analysis from Allison+Partners in London with The Stream UK. We might be biased, but we think this is the best podcast on this list and a must listen in 2021. Not tuned in yet? You can catch up on all our episodes below!

Social Media

The Stream Podcast

The Stream

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