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JUNE 28, 2018 //     

AR and mobile gaming gets nostalgic

By Sian Hobday

Mobile gaming is taking the gaming industry by storm. Now making up more than half of worldwide gaming revenue. Its growth is expected to reach 59% by 2021, more than the steadfast console or PC Games.

The rise of mobile gaming can be attributed to improvements in handsets, screens, and speed but it also reflects a change in lifestyle. We simply don’t have time to dedicate sitting down to play on a console as much as before. Our busy day to day lives means we are out and about more so we play on the train, tube or bus. In 2017, games were the most downloaded type of app.

The ultimate 90s comeback

The 90s is back in fashion and the trend has recently spread even further into the mobile gaming world. It started with Pokémon and you can even play the classics like Battleships and Bust-A-Move too. Now the playground is coming to your mobile device once again: The latest game to stage a comeback is POGs. Yes, we’re surprised too. The twist here being it’s had a 21st Century tech upgrade – players can now use Augmented Reality (AR).

You’re probably wondering how? Well, by using AR, players use the camera on their phone or tablet to scan in their collection of POGs and slammers. The principles are the same as the original cardboard POGs. But now players don’t have to carry around a stack in their bag or risk losing them.

The news of the POGs return came within days of Pokémon Go announcing a new trading feature to reclaim some of the initial hype for their AR game. It’s a feature that was in high demand from players and original fans.

Pokémon Go broke boundaries with AR by finding a real-world application for this exciting new technology. As with all new tech, AR predictions may have gone wild initially but it’s great to see it prove valuable in mobile gaming.

AR and mobile gaming  a match made in heaven?

AR technology has found a place within the mobile gaming world, making it accessible to everyday folk. POGs are another example of developers exploring what's possible with AR. By using this new tech in entertainment, we can start to assess how people interact with it and what functions will be both possible and enjoyable for the consumers of the future.

As camera quality, WiFi and bezel-less screens improve on mobile devices, AR has more opportunity to grow. Performance and high screen resolution capabilities will need to remain a focus for mobile manufacturers for their next device iterations to cater for the increasing mobile gaming demand. There are also plenty of other classic 90s playground games that are yet to make a comeback. We’d love to see Crazy Bones or a mobile version of Crash Bandicoot make a comeback in the app store next. Which classic 90s game would you like to get a 21st Century reboot?

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