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September 19, 2018  //       //  Opinion

Marketing Trends Report 2018: The Truth So Far

By Gina Mossey

We’ve just released our latest report, this time looking at the marketing trends that were tipped to be big this year – how are they faring?

Both consumer habits and developments in marketing platforms seem to be changing consistently. If there’s one thing we’re hearing from our clients it’s a desire to stay ahead and try new things… but how do we make sure we show ROI from these shifting marketing tactics?

The Truth So Far: Where Should You Be Investing?

In the report, we look at what’s changed since this time last year. We delve into how the trends are performing and where brands are putting their money. But more importantly, where should they be putting it? From affiliate partnerships to the role of broadcast in PR; getting Gen Z right to revitalising retail. It’s all here.

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