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OCTOBER 17, 2019 //     

Mental Health: We All Have It

By Emily Spicer

Last week, Allison+Partners hosted a training session in the UK on World Mental Health Day to help raise awareness for mental health issues. During the course led by the MHFA, it was shared that one in four people experience some form of mental health issue in the course of a year.

There is still a stigma associated with mental health, and those suffering are often victims of discrimination, which can lead people to hide their difficulties. This is explored in more detail by the Mental Health Foundation who have said that 38% of Brits fear revealing a mental health problem at work would jeopardise their career. The only effective way of helping break the stigma is by building awareness for the issue and encouraging them to seek support. And the first place this starts is in the workplace. Work is where we tend to spend most of our time, and our colleagues are the people we tend to see the most and who are likely to become our close friends. It makes sense that work should then also be the place where we feel safest.

Programmes that work

There are many different things that can help with mental wellbeing at work. For example, Supermarket chain Iceland highlights the importance of enjoying a good work-life balance. The retailer looks after employees by providing mental health support for those suffering from work-related stress and offers an Occupational Health Service to provide employees with a fast diagnosis and speedy referrals for treatment.

Barclays encourages staff to tell their own stories through its “This Is Me” campaign, in order to break the culture of silence. They’ve also signed up for “Time to Change,” to support employees facing challenges and normalise mental health issues.

At Allison+Partners, we offer support and resources through platforms like our Employee Assistance Programme, which offers a variation of advice through the confidential free helpline and referrals to mental health specialists who can help with bereavement, financial issues, legal rights, housing, wellbeing, etc. They also have a great app that provides useful articles and discussion pages on a wide range of mental health topics.

Our life insurance provider offers us two confidential helplines, legal issues, and bereavement, but they also offer us four free counselling sessions that can be face-to-face with a professional counsellor. This is a great resource, as professional guidance can be the best tool for recovery but is often one that could cost the individual a lot of money or it can take time to get a referral through the NHS. The sessions are very quick and straightforward to organise, and entirely confidential.

There are so many great resources out there that employees and employers can access. The NHS recently launched its ‘Every Mind Matters’ campaign, which has a short quiz to help you better understand your own mental wellbeing. Other helpful workplace resources include Mind, Mental Health First Aid England, Mental Health At Work and Cruse.

Emily Spicer is an HR advisor in Allison+Partners’ London office.

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