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JULY 13, 2018 //     

Navigating the new marketing must-have: the Micro Partnership

By Gina Mossey

We’re excited to announce our brand-new report on the marketing trend sweeping across sectors: the 
micro partnership.

Our research reveals UK marketers are flocking to invest in small scale, mutual benefit collaborations. They are cost-effective, and when done well they can show great ROI and add heaps of value to your brand.

But what are they? Why are companies investing? Who should you partner with? How do you measure the impact? Our report reveals all.

We collected from marketing decision makers across sectors; the information shows which partnership types are coming out on top and which are in decline, from brand collaborations to influencers, retailer relationships to affiliate marketing. What’s evident is that the individuals and organisations brands are partnering with and how much they’re spending is changing.

Jill Coomber, MD of Consumer Marketing, Europe says, “What’s interesting is the shift away from traditional sales metrics towards more meaningful brand value measures; a trend that really takes shape in this report. While they aren’t without their challenges, micro partnerships are great for moving the needle for both awareness and engagement over the long-term. Brands are seeing that in spades now. This means the challenge becomes how to tool up to be able to evaluate and prove that impact.”

To read more on what’s hot and what’s not, entering the right micro partnership and proving ROI, download the full report here.

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