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JULY 16, 2020 //     

Our new research report, Talk Human to Me, is here!

Welcome to the “new normal” for B2B storytelling.

In the marketing world, it’s commonly said brands must innovate or die. This is truer now than ever before.

As empathy, trust and care become increasingly vital brand currencies, it has never been more critical for B2B brands to connect with customers on a human, emotional level. In our new research report,Talk Human to Me, we surveyed B2B marketers to find out how this trend is evolving.

We define human storytelling as “Brand storytelling that uses and appeals to human emotion and empathy, as opposed to purely focusing on the practical application of the product or service”.

 As it turns out, while B2B brands know their goal, many are struggling to progress. 97% of respondents considered it important to humanise their brand, yet only 26% say they have managed to do so already. Marketers face numerous challenges, including truly understanding their customers’ needs and creating messaging and content that really caters to their pain points on a human level.

Our report explores these challenges to talking ‘human’ and offers insight and advice on how to move forward.

Read the full report to find out:

  • The state of play: How effectively are B2B brands speaking human currently?
  • The common challenges marketers are facing and how to overcome them
  • Implications for the future: how should you talk human?



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