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October 27, 2021 // Jess Docherty  //       //  Opinion

The A+P Weekly Digital Digest - w/c 25th October

We’re back with all the digital marketing news you need to know this week. While LinkedIn continues to see ‘record levels' of engagement, with user sessions up 19% in the most recent quarter, Facebook is struggling to connect to the youth among the rise of platforms like TikTok and Snapchat. YouTube is also stepping up its game with a new partnership to promote its Shorts format. Get all the details below! 

Facebook struggles to connect with young users

While the internal documents paint a troubling picture, the company is facing more damning revelations than just “The Facebook Papers” as it struggles to keep pace with growing platforms and loses its connection and engagement with younger users despite the launch of features like stories and reels.  

“We’re retooling our teams to make serving young adults their north star, rather than optimizing for the larger number of older people. Like everything, this will involve trade-offs in our products and it will likely mean that the rest of our community will grow more slowly than it otherwise would have. But it should also mean that our services become stronger for young adults. This shift will take years, not months, to fully execute, and I think it's the right approach to building our community and company for the long term.” - Mark Zuckerberg

Clubhouse adds Pinned Links

This week Clubhouse is adding a new feature to its platform, ‘Pinned Links’, which will allow you to pin a link to the top of your room. If you’re the room moderator, just tap the “...” menu in the upper right, then tap “Pin a Link.” Any moderator can change or remove the link anytime. The Pinned Links feature will go live on Wednesday, Oct 27 on both iOS and Android - have a go and let us know how you get on and what you use it for! 

“We suspect that people will use Pinned Links in all sorts of fun ways — like playing games, running polls, and sharing links to YouTube videos. Just as importantly, we’re excited to see Pinned Links help room creators drive people to subscribe to their Substack, download their podcast, read their book, go see them at The Laugh Factory, discover their new single, buy their product, and support their Patreon or GoFundMe page” - Clubhouse

Learn more about the new feature here:

YouTube partners with Ed Sheeran on #SheeranShorts

Last week YouTube shared their long term vision for the format and this week they’ve announced a partnership with Ed Sheeran who is exclusively hosting a preview of his latest album on YouTube Shorts. With more than 49.1 million subscribers on the platform this campaign is sure to draw new interest in the format. 

“I had a really fun day shooting my YouTube Shorts. I’ve always really enjoyed the music video process, so it was fun to explore a new way of doing that by channeling each song’s theme in a unique way, while also giving you a sneak peek of the album!” - Ed Sheeran

Learn more about the partnership here: 

Instagram is connecting creators and brands 

Instagram is testing new branded content partnership features to help creators be discovered by the brands they love. 

  • Creators can now add participating brands they’re interested in working with to their preferred brand's list, giving them priority when brands are searching for creators. 
  • On top of this, the platform is testing a new folder within Instagram DMs exclusively for ‘partnership messages’ so important communication about partnerships isn’t lost in busy inboxes. 
  • It’s also testing a new digital storefront for creators in its US native affiliate programme, offering another way for creators to promote sponsored products to their audience. 

At the moment these features are being tested with a small number of US brands and creators so watch this space for news on the rollout. 

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