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Earned Media in 2022

It finally feels like we’re coming out the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic (fingers crossed and knock-on-wood!), so what does that mean for the shape of earned media in 2022?  

Below are five predictions of what we can expect in the coming year and what PR people should know:  

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I knew CES would be extremely different than the many times I attended in the past. Leading up to the world’s largest technology show, companies and reporters shifted to virtual attendance in droves due to concerns over the COVID-19 Omicron variant. Flying out to Las Vegas on a full flight, I was not quite sure what to expect. 

The reality is despite all the differences compared to past years, my team was focused on the same goal – getting the most coverage we could for our clients. We made sure the media attending virtually had all the content required to write stories or produce videos. And for those on site, we were able to spend more time with them and develop relationships with reporters whom we didn’t know as well. From a coverage results perspective, it was one of the best years for our clients. 

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The Consumer Landscape: 2022 Predictions

By Emma Poleszuk and Taylor BurkeSo much has happened in 2021 – where to begin? From Biden taking office in the U.S. to the Olympics in Tokyo to new climate change realities realised at COP26 – all while navigating our new world with COVID-19. For consumers, a lot has happened too. We’ve been through lockdowns, outdoor dining (we still feel cold thinking about this) and have changed the way we look at the world and the way we connect with brands and companies. Our priorities have been forever changed – we’re looking for a sense of purpose and meaning in what we do and purchase. 

For companies looking to navigate the ever changing world of consumer PR, here are a few predictions of what will happen in the landscape next year and how PR practitioners can prepare:

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