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Brand Development


In today’s challenging marketplace, Brand is one of the most beneficial, yet intangible assets a company can have.  A strong brand drives measurable market value above and beyond the products and services the firm delivers.  Brand is more than a logo or a tagline.  Brand is a powerful belief system held by customers, employees, and stakeholders, informing how much they are willing to pay for a product and whether they will come back for more.  We help brands strike an emotional chord that creates competitive advantage, customer loyalty, supply chain leverage, and higher margins.  By helping brands tell their story of “WHO” they are, beyond “WHAT” they make and sell, we strengthen meaning and increase market value for years to come.


Allison+Partners has the same research, strategy, and design capabilities as the large branding firms.  But our in-house ability to execute fully integrated campaigns allows us to see the issue of Brand Creation differently.  Our Agile Brand Creation approach uses data-driven insights to foster enduring alignment with leaders, employees, customers, and other stakeholders.  In partnership with Luntz Global, our proprietary Brand Resonance Index allows us to quantitatively evaluate stakeholders’ relationship with the current brand, and uncover the correct path forward.  Our high-touch Brand Creation Workshop establishes core brand truths and builds consensus around the vision.  Our Adaptive Prototyping process creates tailored written and visual elements across key marketing touch points, turning abstract brand ideas into actionable marketing materials.  And because we bring Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned media experts to the table from day one - we are much better equipped than most branding firms to quickly turn brand concepts into measurable marketing results.


  • Brand awareness & perception research
  • Brand architecture & positioning
  • Brand narrative & messaging
  • Brand & product naming
  • Product value prop & architecture
  • Visual brand identity 
  • Brand campaign & go to market plans
  • Message, logo, & campaign testing
Paul Sears 
Executive VP, Integrated Marketing