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Global China

Whether a company is coming to China, or leaping beyond that massive market for the first time, effective public relations has become essential for success. Few companies have found the right formula, but those who have done so have been rewarded with thriving businesses and venerated brands.

Our Global China practice helps companies close the cultural gap between headquarters and the audiences across the Pacific. Tapping into our bilingual senior counselors with more than 25 years of experience, we help clients navigate the complex communications issues in bridging these great markets, ensuring they communicate effectively to all audiences and are positioned for success.


Partner + Managing Director, Global China


Advertising-led campaigns in China and the U.S. are long on expense and short on effectiveness. We help build campaigns that start with tools like earned, owned and social media, making sure your marketing dollar goes farther and delivers real results.

It is no longer enough to focus on your immediate stakeholders when you come into a foreign market. You need widespread support, and we help you build it across all of your audiences.

Your reputation begins with actions and behavior. We help you capture the greatest possible opportunities by working to make you an indelible part of the market you are entering.

Leading across cultures begins with communications, and we focus on making executives comfortable and effective managers of a multi-national, multi-lingual workforce.

Our clients’ most important meetings help them chart the future of their firms. We help guide those meetings to ensure full participation, complete focus and worthy outcomes.

When coming into a new market, influence hides in the most unexpected or inaccessible places. We introduce our clients to their most important advocates and engage, inform and activate them.

A company’s most important advocates are its employees, directors, suppliers and channels. We help our clients deepen their relationships with these important people, and appropriately mobilize them on the company’s behalf.

Most companies that fail when leaping the Pacific stumble at the outset. We help clients dodge the avoidable traps and errors, winning plaudits for wisdom, as well as the virtues of their companies and products.

We help our clients address and master the complex political and regulatory challenges that are an inevitable part of operating in China, and, for Chinese companies, in the United States.

The complex relationship between China and the west means that issues and crises tend to affect companies from across the Pacific, first, and with greater severity. We help our clients identify and address problems before the they become crises.

For clients who have strong agency relationships in foreign markets, we provide that essential, but too-often ignored, layer that helps merge global campaigns and local market conditions.

Sometimes, the most effective way to deliver a campaign is for our clients to give their own people the tools they need to do it themselves. We help create those tools, train staff to use them and, in the process, offer the highest possible return on your PR (and HR) budgets.

Mining our deep wells of experience while navigating challenges that are novel to our clients, we create bespoke training and coaching programs designed to pass our knowledge on to client teams.


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