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Specialist motorhome insurer Comfort Insurance needed to build awareness in a market where popular comparison sites were often the first port of call for consumers. The brand hired us to help increase its visibility in the space, as well as drive organic web traffic to the site.

We needed something that would grab the world’s attention and put Comfort Insurance on the map with those most likely to need motorhome insurance. We knew its customers loved its history in providing high quality insurance for safe “homes on wheels.” So, what better way than to break the Guinness World Record for the most people crammed into a VW Campervan.

We staged the stunt at Busfest, the UK’s largest gathering of VW owners, and successfully stuffed a record-breaking 51 people into the vehicle. We also secured guest blogs for our founder on topics such as “The Ultimate European Road Trip” and “Tips for first timers,” which created additional visibility for the brand and drove website traffic.

Over six months, our carefully crafted experiential activation, earned media efforts and social content drove widespread awareness and engagement for the brand. The campaign achieved 21MM impressions and 60+ pieces of coverage in nationals that helped achieve a 20% increase in website traffic. That year, Comfort Insurance also broke its annual sales target