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Panasonic had a standout product range in its Lumix G camera series. However, but the market was already dominated by Canon and Nikon who were investing heavily in “big hitter” influencers to create chatter around their product lines. Panasonic needed help finding ways to increase their share of voice among the competitive set, while driving consumer awareness and interest in their cameras.

Audience insights showed that consumers needed to engage with the brand seven times on average, before they would make the considered purchase of their next high-end camera. Therefore, we advised that Panasonic look at partnerships that could provide steady spikes of exposure throughout the year and drive web traffic.

We developed a programme to put micro-influencers front and centre. Our Influencer Impact Scoring system identified up-and-coming “passionate photographers” who had good reach and comparatively very high engagement rates. We then negotiated cost-effective long-term partnerships to create a wealth of content championing Panasonic 4K photography.

To kick off authentic relationships between the brand and influencers, we hosted an exclusive event to educate our ambassadors on the benefits of 4K, giving them tips to create outstanding images. Each influencer was carefully managed to deliver a year-round calendar of content, demonstrating the benefits of Panasonic 4K and how it worked. Images and video were used across influencer, client and other channels to drive conversations. Our ambassadors also appeared in social ad campaigns and advocated Panasonic 4K photography at events, resulting in by far the biggest cross-channel mass influencer activation Panasonic had done to date.

Budding photographers’ interest was well and truly captured. Our efforts increased web traffic by 11 percent via earned links alone. The quality of the traffic generated through earned media was also far higher than that driven by advertising. 1,300+ pieces of inspiring, high-quality UGC were created and used across influencer channels and social media, POS, retailers’ websites and Panasonic’s owned channels. This served an organic reach of 2.3M.