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Pega systems had a successful press office generating technical coverage on its business process management technology within traditional IT press. But with a strategic company acquisition under way, Pega now had much more to say on exactly how its technology could really make a difference to businesses in banking, insurance, government and telecoms. Pega’s powerful new storyline called for a complete communications overhaul.

Pega’s communications strategy evolved to focus on business solutions for customer service and digital transformation, pivoting away from talking deep technology. Allison+Partners worked from the ground up, holding discovery sessions with Pega’s key executives to create a thought leadership platform that defined key messages across various story angles and topics. This helped articulate Pega’s new communications strategy and messages to the media.

Our work ran along two tracks. The first, thought leadership around the future of the customer and an increasing focus on how AI is changing our economy and society. The second, Pega expert profiling programmes in our key vertical media. Our agile, always-on team hijacked everything from National Customer Service Week to Budget Day of the UK government. Strong content idea development provided assets for owned social channels as well as earned media, ensuring consistent messaging across platforms. Our real-time,

content marketing approach made Pega a trusted source of newsworthy comments and research.


Pega has been repositioned in the UK business technology media as a business applications vendor, using state of the art AI to solve business and public sector problems.

We continue to smash annual earned coverage targets of 100+ hits in prime media, with the brand now a go-to source for technology insights. Pega’s research findings on everything from AI to GDPR, are routinely cited by media. Highlights include securing a regular column in Forbes, plus coverage in BBC, Financial Times, The Times Raconteur and Daily Telegraph.

Through extensive work building Pega as thought leaders around key industry topics, the company’s global customer event PegaWorld regularly attracts European media keen to update themselves on how brands are progressing digital transformation.