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Influencer pedal power across Europe

trimmOne: Influencer pedal power across Europe

Launching a new consumer tech product across Europe is rarely simple. And during a summer of travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in-person events and hands-on demonstrations were largely off the agenda.

Korean bicycle technology brand trimm faced that challenge when it set out to launch the trimmOne bicycle computer in Europe. The product packed incredible technology into an eye-catching package. But for something as personal as a bike computer, trimm needed more than just a webpage to make its product stand out from the competition.

Trusted voices matter, especially in the tight-knit world of cycling. We found product recommendations were the top way to cut through and drive consideration of a new challenger in a market of well-loved and dominant brands. But not only did we need this advocacy, we needed it to be front and centre for customers at the consideration phase.


Cycling challenges worth watching

Activating our dedicated influencer team and measurement tools, we identified six of the top cycling YouTubers across the UK, Germany and the Netherlands for paid partnerships. Working closely with each influencer, we developed a bespoke content plan for YouTube and Instagram, including a free product giveaway to promote as much engagement as possible.

Crucially, we worked with each YouTuber to develop a personal challenge  they would set to put the trimmOne and themselves, to the test. This included challenging the trimmOne’s solar battery, testing the on-board navigation on windy English countryside roads and even holding a mammoth cycle event from London to Edinburgh.

We selected YouTube as our target platform in a mission to dominate the front page of Google for anyone searching for the product and push them from early product consideration to better knowledge and purchase.



Today, video content developed by our summer of cycling programme has taken over all four of the highlighted video slots on the first page of a product Google Search.

Lining up with trimmOne’s European launch, we secured more than 10 pieces of quality video content on YouTube and seven grid posts on Instagram. To date, video content from the campaign has been viewed more than 234,000 times on YouTube, while Instagram content has secured more than 17,900 likes.